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Being a Cast
Member is a
Magical experience

As a Disneyland Resort Cast Member, you have access to unique perks, benefits and opportunities. These resources can help you navigate your Cast experience and all of the magic that comes along with it.

Enjoy the Magic

We are fortunate to have thousands of talented Cast Members who are dedicated to creating happiness for Guests from around the world every single day. Your contribution to the magic provides you with access to unique experiences and offerings that you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Complimentary Theme Park Admission
  • Disney Experiences & External Discounts
  • Disney VoluntEARS i
  • Recognition & Appreciation Programs i
  • Cast-exclusive Activities & Events i

Build your Career

A career at Disney is full of unlimited possibilities that can take you around the world and teach you things you never imagined. It’s up to you to create your own path and take advantage of the many resources available to help you learn, grow and achieve your goals.

  • Disney Careers i
  • Disney Aspire - Education Investment Program i
  • Disney Leadership Essentials i
  • Unique Learning, Development & Cross-utilization Opportunities

Use your Resources

As a Cast Member, you have access to hundreds of resources that can help you find balance between your personal and professional life and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

  • LifeCare i
  • Commuter Assistance i
  • Health & Wellness Opportunities i
  • Diversity Resource Groups i
  • Partners Federal Credit Union i
Cast Member Photo - Hayden, Attactions

Working at Disneyland is an opportunity for me to put my handprint alongside Walt’s and everybody else who has worked here in helping to give the world a little more reason to smile.

— Hayden, Attractions

Cast Member Photo - Rita, Technical Claims

Not only do we bring magic in what we do in our everyday jobs for our Guests, but we bring magic to our community.

— Rita, Technical Claims

Cast Member Photo - Manny, Valet

Our Guests ask us, ‘Why are you guys so happy?’ and I always say, ‘it’s in the air; it’s part of the magic.’

— Manny, Valet

I started setting goals for myself. I knew I wanted to be a trainer and then a lead, and then a manager. There are so many outlets to help you grow here.

— Angelina, Stage Manager